Welcome to the sic42 Documentation!

This is the documentation for the sic42 package. It is a work in progress and will be expanded as the beta phase runs. You can help us improve it by submitting pull requests on our GitHub repository.

How to get started

To get started with the sic42 package head over to our quick start section. If you’d like to learn more about the Swarm Intelligence Cup (SIC) you can go to our website.

About the Swarm Intelligence Cup

The Swarm Intelligence Cup (SIC) explores a new path to success in artificial intelligence. All intelligence on earth seems to be realized by swarms - be it swarms of simple neurons in the human brain or swarms of ants, for example. In SIC we want to explore how all agents of a swarm only perform simple behaviors, but all together as a swarm show intelligence and can solve difficult tasks.

sic42 is an environment specifically designed to foster the development of swarm intelligence - it is an open and ever-changing world that offers many opportunities and rewards the swarms that are most successful in achieving their goals in the diverse environment.

SIC is an ongoing challenge format where participants create swarms to solve various challenges, such as swarm deathmatch, world exploration or cooperation with other swarms. It will start with a public beta in November 2023 and will be continuously developed based on participants’ contributions. It is brought to life by Lab42, a human-level AI research institute in Davos, Switzerland.

Join the Swarm Intelligence Cup today, have fun and develop a new approach that will lead to the creation of human-level artificial intelligence!


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